Payment Policy

Initial appointment:  $150.00 (60~85 min)

                              (Includes a comprehensive initial consultation and treatment)

Subsequent appointments: $80.00 (50min)

Cancellation fee $30



health plans


I accept all PPO insurance and will gladly check your insurance coverage for acupuncture care. If you have coverage I will bill your insurance for you.

I offer a variety of payment options including discount prepaid packages for those that are underinsured, all of which we will discuss at your first appointment.

I also accept Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) which, in many cases, can be used for covering the cost of acupuncture treatments and herbal prescriptions.

Discount Plan
(including first visit)

  • 5   times: $470   ⇒   $350($70/visit)

  • 10 times: $870   ⇒   $600($60/visit)

Call: 1-323-310-5700

3755 Beverly Blvd #202

Los Angeles CA 90004

Monday   Wednesday Friday

9:00 am - 6:00 pm



8:00 am - 3:00pm

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