Structure / Function / Mental

Herbal medicine will treats these 3points.

Balance structure of the bone and muscles.

Enhance circulation of internal fluid to improve organ functions.

Add flexibility and mental stability.


We use herbal medicine for detox, balance, and circulation. Herbal medicine is a type of natural medicine that has been studied for over 2 thousand years in Asia. We will make an original herbal medicine made just for you, in order to detox your body, increase energy, and improve function of internal organs.


What we eat creates our body. Therefore, herbal medicine will change your internal body to bring back your health and harmonize with the nature.


Following symptoms may be treated: High blood pressure, diabetes, chronic fatigue, infertile, depression, cold, migraines, constipation, indigestion.

Also, recommend to improve and maintain health,such as enhancing the growth of a child, improving mental concentration, maintaining beauty and healthy diet.


Herbal Medicine:  $300(15days)  $500 (30days)

Powder Herbal:    $30(5days)

                             $50(10days )$70(15days)

Find Herbal Medicine


  • Location

  • Intensity

  • Quality

  • Onset / History

  • Radiation

  • Alleviating factor

  • Aggravating factor

  • Associated

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