If we don’t know the real meaning of toxin, we would not know the proper way to detox.


Generally, there are two kinds of toxins. One is those come from the outside, and the another arises within the body. One is visible and the other is invisible.


For instance, food we eat, the air we breathe, light, radiation, and sound etc. are things that go into our body from the outside. On the other hands, negative thoughts, feelings, posture, and unhealthy habits are toxins that are invisible and arise within us.


Back in the days,people mainly suffered from toxins that came from outside such as poor sanitation, severe weathers, and starvation. However in this modern society, things such as stress, pollution, and junk food are toxicating our bodies, tainting our blood, and causing illness which can leads us to death.


Easy ways to reveal these invisible toxins are- checking our daily diet, posture, body movement, and the way we breathe.We can detox our body by being aware of these toxins and changing our daily habits.

This is what “detox” means at One Heart

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