What is circulation? Although your body is balanced and toxin free,

you cannot say you’re alive if there is no “circulation”, or “movement”.


“Circulation” means being alive with full of energy and endless “movement”. More specifically, circulation ments that our blood, lymph fluid, and oxygen circulate smoothly within our body. Also, it means that your thoughts, feelings, and joints are well balanced. To look at the big picture of the circulation, human relationship is the circulation and movement itself between you and an outside of the world.


If your “circulation” is unhealthy and having an unbalanced habit, it creates toxin and you may burst your anger and grudges towards others, hurting the people around you. One Heart aims to remove such toxin, and live in harmony with your movement and circulation.


There are 3 points needed to be healthy

  1. Detox and keep your inner body clean

  2. Balance your metabolism. Find and manage your healthy balance.

  3. Circulate your blood for better digestion and oxygen supply.


By using acupuncture and herbal medicine,

One Heart treats these 3 points for ultimate health.

How to do
questions about circulation

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