What is the meaning of balance?

On this earth, there are four seasons, four cardinal points, just like humans have four confucian virtues, four basic emotions, and four limbs.This is the teaching from nature, telling us to live in harmony.


So how do we live in harmony?

When in a high state, don’t be arrogant. When in a bottom of despair, don’t give up. In other words, we need to balance the yin and yang.


In order to live with balance and harmony, it is good to have 1/3 of space, just like we sleep 1/3 of our life time to restore energy. For instance, having 1/3 of spare time, financial savings, open space, and limiting the amount you eat are ​recommended to maintain balance.

At One Heart, we adjust the balance of mental health as we adjust the balance of diet.


Additionally, we need a center point to keep the balance because life is full of change. As we age, body conditions will change. As we move, the place of climate and culture will change. We aim to harmonize with these changes along with the flow of the universal nature and keep the center balance at its best.

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