The Art of Diagnosis is to look, to listen, to hear and to feel. 

Through this we can learn to distinguish between symptoms (e.g. head aches, poor sleep, anxiety, etc.) and the signs of a person distress through Colour, Sound, Odour and Emotion.

5 Elements

5 Element Acupuncture is an ancient style of Acupuncture that aims to treat at the levels of Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit.

Water is the element of Winter and is associated with the emotion fear.  Water people have a persistence and determination and will often excel in situations that others find too scary.  Sometimes they may hide a deep sense of being frozen or washed away by their own fear.

Fire is the element of Summer and is associated with the emotion of Joy.  Fire people love to reach out and be in relationship with all people. They enjoy to  laugh and sometimes they carry a sadness or lack of joy deeper in themselves

Wood is the element of Spring and is associated with the emotion anger.  Wood people excel or have trouble in planning, decisions, and action.  The future and their ability to see it -  this can be their strength.  When out of balance they may procrastinate or have a sense of no hope.

Metal is the element of Autumn and is associated with the emotion of grief .  
Metal people search for what is pure and spiritual.  They set the highest standards for themselves and others; respect is important.   
Sometimes they live in a sense of what could have been.

Earth is the element of Late Summer and is associated with the emotion of sympathy. Earth people have the ability to care for people, like a mother can nourish a child.  
Thus food and understanding are important. Sometimes an Earth person can feel a sense of emptiness or neediness in their own life.

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