12 Meridian Lines

The Lung Meridian is the receiver of pure Chi.  It is our connection to the heavens and all that is spiritual. This meridian helps us to see and appreciate the quality in ourselves, others and the outside world - it is the source of true self esteem.

The Large Intestine is in charge of the waste system for the body, mind and emotional self.  The Large Intestine makes sure we have space for the new by getting rid of the old. This meridian affects our ability to let go of what is no longer needed in all aspects of our life.

The Stomach Meridian our ability to take things in.  This may be the pure Chi of food or our ability to absorb information or even to receive love .  It affects our ability to nurture ourselves, others and our ability to feel full and satisfied.

The Spleen Meridian is the Official of Transportation and Distribution  The spleen transforms food and drink, extracting Qi and essences which are then distributed to the other officials. It houses our "thought" -  it  influences our capacity for thinking, 
concentrating, memorising and even worry.


The Heart Meridian is like the king or queen.  It is the ruler of the kingdom and as such, holds the space for the other officials to do their job.  As with any government if it is weak the whole kingdom feels insecure and on shaky ground. For us this may feel like anxiety, as nothing feels safe or secure.

The Small Intestine is the sorter of pure from impure.  Whether that is from food, sound around us or the nightly news; it sorts out what we need to take in.  It helps us not be in a muddle. 

The Bladder Meridian  is where our vital energy is stored for times of need. This is our ability to hold on to ideas, to stay with things and  to retain vital chi itself.  If we are tired, it is good to look at the Bladder meridian.

The Kidney Meridian is the centre of our will and determination.  This part of us is like water; when roused nothing can get in our way, when quite - it can still erode a mighty mountain.  When the Kidney is out of balance - we may not have the will to do anything.

The Heart Protector is like a soldier that stands in front of the King or Queen.  It protects us from shock and hurt.  When the Heart Protector is shaky things easily affect our heart and hurt us easily.  Anxiety, fear of people but also our ability to love and let people in come from the Heart Protector.

The Three Heatermaintains and regulates the temperature of the body as well as the person's emotional temperature. 
It affects whether a person blows hot and cold and their ability to give warmth.

The Gall Bladder is the meridian of judgment and vision.  It helps us to see the future, to have flexibility and hope. If we are having trouble with seeing things or if we are rigid in our attitudes this can come from the Gall Bladder. With no vision for the future - there is no hope.

The Liver Meridian is the meridian of planning and action.  It is like the general of the army, it plans what needs to be done to move forward and does it !  If we have problems getting things done or procrastinate with our decisions this can come from the Liver meridian.

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